I’ve spent the last 12 years photographing weddings with my husband at my side. We’re based in the San Francisco Bay Area where we spend our spare time working on our fixer upper mid-century home, gardening, getting lattes at our favorite local coffee shop or chatting around the firepit with our golden doodle, Maggie, taking the lead on entertainment.

A Love Story That Led To Documenting Yours

It all began in photography class

Whether we’re documenting the long-awaited moments of a ceremony or taking on another home renovation project, when we work together, there’s this sense of balance and collaboration that falls into place. It all started junior year of high school when we first met. We photographed our first wedding together the following year and have been photographing weddings together  ever since. 

A Love Story That Led To Documenting Yours

Laid Back And Approachable With A Modern, Sophisticated Take

Laid Back And Approachable With A Modern, Sophisticated Take

Our Philosophy As Northern California Photographers

I have always been undeniably drawn to the warmth of California’s golden sunsets. My husband and I opened the doors to our Northern California photography business with that sunny style of sophistication guiding our every move. 12+ years later, we feel honored to have been published in countless publications, but it’s the stories — stories like yours — that have always ignited us. It’s that story that we look for from day one, intending to use our work to highlight your personalities, document every colorful detail and create artfully modern imagery that will inspire generations.


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lead photographer & creative director

I received my bachelor’s degree in fine art photography and am continuously influenced by the flairs of interior design, gardening and the arts. As an Enneagram 2, I love everything about gift giving and seek to intertwine the playfully thoughtful aspects of a perfectly selected gift in my work. Surprising you in the sweetest ways and reassuring you before you realize you need it. With film and digital cameras in hand, I bring along a calming air so you can soak it all in without an ounce of stress. One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is finding the naturally styled moments and subtle details you’ll adore having in the final gallery.

Meet The Husband & Wife Photography Team

High school sweethearts with a shared love for wholehearted photography


second photographer & technical guru

Bay Area native with a love for music, DIY projects and woodworking, Brandon enjoys working with his hands, learning new skills and finding solutions others might not think of. He’s always on the lookout for those in-the-moment photographs — parents crying during the ceremony or your best friend with her glass high in the air, toasting to you and yours. Think of him as the candid extraordinaire while I’m focused on the curated, styled images on the shotlist. Cocktail hour is one of his favorites — capturing guests laughing and celebrating while I get the magazine-worthy tablescapes. Documenting the whole story with unique perspectives and meaningful images comes together seamlessly when we photograph a wedding together.

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Roam the rolling hills ofTuscany

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Oak milk latte with cinnamon

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Eat all the foods in Thailand

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lauren E.

carmel valley, california

“Her second shooter at weddings is her husband, and it was so refreshing to see how smoothly they helped everything go. They were so good at getting those candid moments and we are so so happy with how our photos turned out. Thank you much Olivia and Brandon!”

"They were so good at getting those candid moments"

jill c.

healdsburg, california

“She and Brandon are a great team — they're attentive, assertive without being rude, and did an amazing job capturing our special day. We still reminisce over our photos and have new favorites every single week!”

 "We still reminisce over our photos and have new favorites every single week!”

allison w.

pacific grove, california

“Olivia and Brandon, her second shooter (and fiancé!), fit seamlessly into our wedding, and after our portraits were complete they blended seamlessly into the festivities to capture candid moments of ourselves and our guests.”

“Olivia and Brandon fit seamlessly into our wedding"

rumor has it we make a good team

what can I say?

With all of the excitement and anticipation of a wedding day, we like to bring balance with a calming presence. We want you to feel like you have a laid back, yet attentive team around you, so expect us to adapt to your needs, ease your nerves and catch the minor, but important details without missing a beat.

calming air


Ring boxes, flatlay mats, ribbons — I put together a unique kit to take photographs of your personal details to fit the vibe of your wedding day, and capture the elements that made it all feel distinctly yours.

curated styling kit


Given that we spend a lot of time with you, your guests and your family, we want to make sure we’re good company! Personally, I love getting to know family members and seeing how your personalities blend. Ensuring that group photos are efficient and easy comes with building up that rapport.

good company


There’s something remarkable about documenting weddings as a husband and wife team. Having photographed countless weddings together, our work lends itself to consistent and cohesive galleries.

second photographer


Weddings share a lot in common, yes, but my husband and I approach every wedding in an artistic, meaningful way to capture photographs that cannot be replicated.

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