Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is a crucial decision to make sure you have photos you LOVE! After your wedding day is over, your photos will be the only thing you have to always look back at and remember all the little details, special moments, and amazing memories. There are SO many photographers out there and each of them have their own unique style and approach to wedding photography. Take your time and do your research to find the perfect one for your wedding.

Here are some tips to help you figure out what wedding photographer to book for your wedding!


Figuring out the style of photography you love will really help you as your begin your search for photographers. Look online on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram to find photos that you love the look of. After you compile all these photos, you should be able to see the common style of photography throughout the photos. For example, if most of the photos you found were light and airy, you may want to search for fine art wedding photographers in your area. Or if most of the photos are warm, golden, and film-like (such as mine!) then you should search for film wedding photographers in your area.

There are a lot of different styles of photography out there and SO many photographers who each have their own unique approach to photography. Make sure to take your time to see what you are drawn towards and how you want your wedding documented.


Once you find a photographer whose style you LOVE, check out all of their work on their website, portfolio, social media, and even ask to see a full gallery from a past wedding. It’s important to make sure that the photos you see highlighted on their Instagram and front page of their website matches the rest of the photos they take on a wedding day. You want the style and aesthetic to be consistent throughout all of their work.

Viewing a full gallery from a past wedding is a great way for you to see how the photographer captures different aspects of the day and for you to envision what the photographer typically delivers after the wedding. Websites are a great place to look for a lot of a photographer’s work, but to see the most recent photos and learn more about a photographer I would highly suggest checking out their Instagram. I love sharing my favorite recent work, behind the scenes of the business, and parts of my personal life to connect with my couples on Instagram!


It’s really important to actually talk to the photographers you are considering for your wedding. By doing this you can get a sense of their personality and ask any questions you may have. This is a great time to go over everything about your wedding with them, and learn what it would be like if you were to book them. I always schedule calls with couples who inquire with me so we can go over these things and just chat all about them and their wedding plans!

Keep in mind, you will be spending a lot of time with your photographer, especially on the wedding day. Pay attention to their personality and compatibility you have with them. It should feel very natural, comfortable, easy-going, and professional!


There are so many lists online that talk about “100 questions to ask your photographer”. To be honest, most of those questions are not that great and don’t always apply to your specific wedding. Rather than firing away asking those 100 questions you found online, think of some topics or actual questions you may have for them. Just a tip for when you first talk with a photographer, it shouldn’t feel like an interview, but more like a conversation between the two of you. Here are some great questions and topics to think about asking a photographer:

“From your experience, is there anything we can do to help make sure the wedding day goes smoothly and really utilize the photography coverage?”

“How do you approach a wedding day? Are you more involved and directive, or do you like to just blend in with the guests?”

“Should we do a ‘first look’? What are the pro’s and con’s to doing one?”

“Do you have favorite vendors you have worked with before and recommend?”

“Do you have a second shooter or assistant? If so, do you always have the same person with you or do you know who that person will be?”


Okay yes this sounds so cheesy, but it’s true! If there’s a photographer you just absolutely love- BOOK THEM!! Photography is definitely a big investment, especially for your wedding, but it is such an important part of your wedding experience. It is so worth it to have someone you know you can trust and who will deliver amazing photos for you. Your photographer should have the style you love, you can tell they are professional and trustworthy, you get along with them really well, and you can’t picture anyone else capturing your most important memories for you!

On the flip side, if you are chatting with potential photographers and something seems off or you notice red flags- that could be a warning they aren’t the best fit. Go with your gut, whether that’s continuing your search if you get bad vibes OR if you find someone you just love, know that’s the right choice!

So do your research, find a photographer whose style and personality is a perfect match for you and book them!

I hope these tips are helpful to all of you newly engaged couples out there searching for a wedding photographer! I can say it a million times, photography for your wedding is just so important and worth the investment to find a great photographer. You should feel 100% confident in your photographer and trust that they will give you amazing images from your wedding day! It’s always an honor when my couples choose me to document their engagements and weddings. Plus, when they are equally as excited about working together it makes the whole process even better!

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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

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